Plant a Seed helps a local child reach for her dreams!

Since 2011, Jade Broadus has taken gymnastics lesson at Delco Gymnastics Training Center in Woodlyn, PA. on scholarships from the Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream Foundation. This 11 year old young lady has excelled and gained self-confidence from her physical training. Her academics and personal relationships have benefitted from her time spent on the mat at the Delco Gymnastics Training Center. Jade’s mother Chantel Broadus marvels at the transformation: “I’ve had the privilege of watching my daughter blossom,” Broadus says. “She now walks with her head up high and is more willing to try new things.”

The Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream Foundation is a Bucks County based charity whose goal is to provide children aged 10-18 from low-income families the opportunity to pursue their passions.  PAS choose to partner with DGTC because of its roster of talented staff and coaches committed to helping their students succeed. Plant a Seed’s mission is to connect young people with positive role models such as those working at the Delco Gymnastics Training Center.

PAS scholarships pair deserving young people with mentors who provide instruction, coaching, and support for activities including music, dance, karate, and football. The foundation strives to help each student pursue his or her interest. To learn more and apply for a scholarship please, visit www.plantaseedfoundation.org or call 267.503.2998.

“While Plant a Seed is focused on inspiring dreams, I want you to know that you are doing so much more than just that,” Chantel Broadus shared. “You are helping children gain a sense of self-worth, and you are teaching them that their goals, no matter how big, are not determined by their economic status. All children deserve equal opportunities to be happy, explore, and succeed. Thank you for giving all of those things to my daughter.”   Jade poses for a photo after a recent training. 


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