Snapshot: The Derrick Casselberry House

The Derrick Casslberry House has historic significance to Lower Providence, and is the township’s home to its Historical Society.

The Derrick Casselberry House can trace its roots prior to the founding of the Unitied States of America.

According to “Lower Providence Township: A Bridge to Our Past,” a compilation book of historical records and memories, published in 2011, the Derrick Casselberry House was built prior to 1734.

The property, as described by the 1975 “Inventory of Montgomery County Historic and Cultural Resouces," may have once been used as George Washington’s headquarters after the Battle of Brandywine.

Also in 1975, and as it is currently used today, the Derrick Casselberry House has been the headquarters for the Lower Providence Township Historical Society.

According to the society’s website, ‘the house and property is significant for several reasons and worthy of preservation.”

Among those reasons, the property, located at 243 Evansburg Road, belonged to the Casselberry family, a Lower Providence Township family, who gained prominence in the late 18th and 19th centuries.

The family is said to have lived on the property for over 150 years, and had settled throughout the township by 1725.

The website further describes the house, and its surrounding property, the former site of a 62-acre farm and outlying structures, as still being in good condition with much of the original architectural elements remaining. However, the property is currently undergoing restoration, and may be used as an historic educational facility and destination for a potential trail leading from the adjacent Evansburg State Park.

Throughout its operational existence, the Casselberry farmstead property was used as a farm and a tannery.

According to the Lower Providence Historical Society, along with the Ann Casselberry House, constructed in 1795 and located south of the property, “the Casselberry houses form a historic nucleus on the north side of the Evansburg Historic District.”


For the full story on the Derrick Casselberry house, visit the Lower Providence Historical Society website.



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