Snapshot: The Level School House

The Level School House was one of five schools in the township in 1873.

According to the “Lower Providence Township: A Bridge to Our Past” book, by 1873 five schools were in operation:

Cherry Tree School – Ridge Pike (opposite Lower Providence Baptist Church)

  • Hollow School – at Visitation and Eagleville Roads
  • Maple School – on Park Avenue
  • Shannonville School – on Pawlings Road
  • Level School – at the corner of Lewis and Level Roads.

Pictured in the above are photos of the Level School, better known today as the Level Road School House.

According to the township’s historical book, the Level School was built in 1872, and was the second schoolhouse to occupy the site, with the first constructed in the early 1830s.

This single-room school house has undergone several renovations over the years, the most extensive of which were reported to have been completed by the fall of 1991.

The Lower Providence Parks and Recreation Department now uses the school house for various township activities.

Also, per annual tradition, the Lower Providence Township Board of Supervisors holds its final regular meeting of the year in the Level Road School House. The interior of the building is decorated in a festive holiday theme.


More about the “Lower Providence Township: A Bridge to Our Past” – The book was published in 2011 and sponsored by the township Board of Supervisors. Its146 pages contain a comprehensive history of the township, as told through historical records, personal accounts and photos. Copies of the book can be purchased in the Lower Providence Township Building. For more information, visit www.lowerprovidence.org.



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