'Hacktivists' Shut Down PNC's Website as Part of Cyber Attack

Customers of PNC encountered issues accessing information; Muslim "hacktivist" group is claiming responsibility.

Website and mobile activity for many PNC customers was limited earlier this week as a "hacktivist" organization made good on its promise to attack major U.S. financial institutions in retaliation to an anti-muslim film, according to Informationweek.com.

The cyber attack prevented customers from accessing information but has reportedly not compromised any funds, according to the article.

This is in an ongoing attack of bank assaults, which has includes JP Morgan, Citigroup INC, Bank of America and U.S. Bankcorp.

Fred Solomon, spokesperson of Pittsburgh-based PNC, told Newsday that PNC was experiencing a high volume of Internet traffic, causing disruptions for some clients.

According to Newsday,  a group called Izz ad-Din al-Quassam Cyber Fighters have claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement posted to website pastebin.com, saying it was in response to a  YouTube video upload that offended some Muslims.

Have you had issues accessing information with any of the targeted banks?


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