J.P. Mascaro Worker To Be Paid $6.5 Million in Run-Over Settlement

A trash truck ran over the employee, and now courts have approved a settlement in his case against the truck's manufacturers.

J.P. Mascaro's ex-employee will soon be getting a paycheck. But not from his employer.

In a settlement reached according to the Pennsylvania Record, the trash removal and recycling company's truck manufacturer will pay $6.5 million to Keenan Chisolm, a Berks County man.

Chisolm says that he was run over by a recycling truck in 2008, and slipped under the vehicle's wheels while he was collecting recycling in Exeter Township.

"The complaint had claimed that the recycling truck that ran Chisolm over was defectively manufactured and designed, and had defective instructions for use and warnings because it required, allowed and enabled workers to stand on the outside of the vehicle and in front of the rear wheels while the truck was moving, without providing fall protection or warnings, and that the vehicle lacked cameras, sensors and other safety devices to prevent worker injury," said the Record.

The three defendants in the litigation were Conshohocken Steel Products, Inc., the Ambler, Pa.-based company that manufactured the truck’s body; Daimler Trucks of North America; and Sherwood Freightliner, Sterling & Western Star, Inc.

For the full story, read the Pennsylvania Record's report here.


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