Broken Headlight Leads to Drug-Related Arrest

Lower Providence Police nabbed a motorist suspected in the distribution and sale of marijuana.

According to a Lower Providence Police report, an 18-year-old female from the 900 Block of W. Moreland Road in Willow Grove, was charged for possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute, as well as related offenses.

The report states that on Dec. 15, at approximately 8:48 p.m., Lower Providence Police officer Richard Aston was conducting a routine patrol, heading northbound on Pawlings Road by Camiel Lane, when a southbound vehicle passed with an inoperable right headlight.

According to the report, after conducting a traffic stop, Aston detected the odor of fresh marijuana coming from inside the female’s vehicle. Aston reported seeing the discarded contents of a cigar on the driver’s side floorboard and what appeared to be a burned marijuana roach cigarette in the ashtray.

Upon checking the driver’s background, Aston found a prior Act 64 (relating to the sale and possession of controlled substances, other drugs, devices and cosmetics) arrest from Abington Township, dating to August of this year.

When asked if there were any contraband inside her vehicle, she reportedly said no. When informed that the officer detected signs of marijuana, the female called her parents, but hung up, as the officer explained options to her. The officer also asked if she would consent to her car being searched. She asked why, but did not say no.

Her parents called back, and another Lower Providence Police officer spoke to her father, explaining the traffic stop and the odor of marijuana coming from inside the car, which is registered in his name.

The father gave verbal permission to police to search the car, and the female completed a consent-to-search form.

Inside the car, police located the female’s purse reportedly containing the following:

  • Bags
  • A black bag containing  a Ziploc baggie of suspected marijuana
  • A Ziploc baggie containing 10 clear Ziploc baggies and one knotted clear baggie of suspected marijuana
  • An opened baggie containing six clear Ziploc baggies of suspected marijuana
  • An additional Ziploc baggie of suspected marijuana

Another purse inside the car was found to contain:

  • A green marijuana grinder
  • One multicolored yellow, blue, white glass bowl
  • One marijuana roach cigarette
  • Four empty clear Ziploc-style baggies
  • $216 dollars in cash in three separate denominations.

A field test of a small amount of the suspected marijuana tested positive, and later found to weigh approximately 90 grams.

Police reported seizing additional evidence. According to the police report, based on the officer’s knowledge, training and experience, the amount of marijuana and its packaging was consistent with the possession and distribution of the drug.

The female was transported to Montgomery County Correctional Facility for processing and housing. Police spoke with the female’s parents about her arrest and tow of their vehicle by Dewanes Towing.

Malcolm Kyle December 27, 2012 at 11:56 AM
If you sincerely believe that prohibition is a dangerous and counter-productive policy then you can stop helping to enforce it. You are entitled—required even—to act according to your conscience. * It only takes one juror to prevent a guilty verdict. * You are not lawfully required to disclose your voting intention before taking your seat on a jury. * You are also not required to give a reason to the other jurors on your position when voting. Simply state that you find the accused not guilty! * Jurors must understand that it is their opinion, their vote. If the Judge and the other jurors disapprove, too bad. There is no punishment for having a dissenting opinion. We must create what we can no longer afford to wait for and end the most destructive, dysfunctional, dishonest and racist social policy since Slavery. PLEASE VOTE TO ACQUIT!
tom reese December 27, 2012 at 06:02 PM
Malcom, how can the illegal possesion of pot be considered racist? With your comparison of this to slavery, I would say you are in favor of the legalization of same which is your opinion. And you are within your rights to express that, but lets leave racial comments out of the equation.


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