Police: Burglary Trio Begin to Face Sentencing

One of three suspected individuals in a rash of Upper and Lower Providence burglaries has been sentenced to state prison.

According to a Mercury report, a former Upper Providence Man has been sentenced to two to four years in a state correctional facility for his involvement in a series of residential burglaries in Lower Providence and Upper Providence.

The individual, Justin Taylor Cox, 23, in Montgomery County Court, pleaded guilty to six felony counts of burglary between May and July 2012.

Cox’s sentence also includes three years’ probation.

The two other individuals arrested for their alleged involvement with the burglaries, Raven Brooke Miller, 21, and Ann Warburton, 22, are still awaiting court actions, according to the report.

According to a police affidavit filed by Upper Providence Township Police detective Raymond Bechtel, Upper Providence Township and Limerick Township Police departments began experiencing a rash of residential burglaries beginning in May 2012.

In the affidavit, Police state that Warburton drove the getaway vehicle, while Cox and Miller entered the residences, which may have been fueled by their drug habit, as police as heroin users knew all three suspects.

The police investigation discovered that the three suspects had been selling large amounts of property and jewelry to local pawnshops.

The Mercury further reports that Judge Joseph Smyth accepted a plea agreement, in which Cox could reduce his minimum sentence to 18 months if he completes all treatment recommendations.


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