Police: Duo Charges Over $1,500 in Identity Theft

Stolen credit card information at the Hilton Garden Inn in Oaks led to the arrest of a Norristown woman.

On Oct. 19, Upper Providence police were called to the Hilton Garden Inn, located at 500 Cresson Blvd. in Oaks, for the report that guests were using stolen credit card information.

According an affidavit of probable cause, the hotel’s regional sales director told police that on Oct. 14, two females, who identified themselves as a mother and daughter, checked in together for several nights.

The daughter, who provided the name of Nicole Klicka, of the 2000 block of W. Main St. in Norristown, registered the hotel room. The mother, who did not provide a name at the time, tendered payment to the room in the form of a grey rechargeable USAA Master Card, which was reported to have still been attached to its packaging.

The regional sales director told police that the credit card needed to be entered into the hotel system manually for it to be accepted.

The two females were to check out Oct. 19, but extended their stay another night, Oct. 20. 

It was reported that the females accrued $1,500.97 in room fees, room services, food and other hotel purchasing during their stay.

On Oct. 19, the regional sales manager contacted USAA Master Card and found the credit card information belonged to someone in Ohio. Upper Providence Police contacted the card owner, who confirmed that the credit card account was his, and that the actual card was still in his possession.

The card holder told police that he did not know Klicka, but did learn through his credit card company that there were several thousand dollars in fraudulent charges, both at the Hilton Garden Inn and other establishments.

Police identified Klicka’s mother as a woman from Ventura, CA.

Klicka was charged with Access Device Fraud, Identity Theft, Theft by Decpetion and Theft of Services.

Klicka has been given a preliminary hearing date before District Judge Cathleen Kelly Rebar on Oct. 29, and was set with a $30,000 unsecured bail.


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