Police investigating Rash of Thefts from Cars in Several LP Neighborhoods

Police report a number of neighborhoods have been hit by a rash of car break-ins over the the last two weeks.

According to Lower Providence Police reports, a series of thefts from vehicles have been reported in a number of area neighborhoods in the last few weeks. Many of the thefts occurred in the overnight and early morning hours and involved cars that were left unlocked by their owners.

Over the several days in the beginning of the week of Jan. 13, thefts were reported from cars on Soni Drive, Fairview Lane, Delta Lane, Archer Court, Mann Road, Sunnyside Avenue and Brant Road.

According to Lower Providence Police Department's Facebook page, additional thefts were reported in the overnight hours of Wednesday, Jan. 23 from cars on Sandown Road, Wedgewood Way, Driftwood Drive, Brimfield Road, Maplewood Mews, Heatherwood Hills, Woodland Avenue, Lauman Avenue, and Tomstock Road.

In almost all of the thefts, owners reported leaving their cars unlocked overnight. Lower Providence Police urge residents to remember to lock their car doors and report any suspicious activity. 

Other helpful tips for avoiding being a victim of theft include:

  • Car owners with alarms should always engage them when parking the car for the night.
  • Drivers and passengers should never leave anything visible on the seats that would draw attention – especially valuables.

Anyone with information about these thefts should contact the Lower Providence Police Department at 610-539-5901.


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