Police: Levittown Couple Arrested in Eagleville for Drugs and DUI

Thanks to an alert driver, Lower Providence Police found drug paraphernalia and empty beer cans in the couple’s vehicle, while coming from Norristown Borough.

According to a report prepared by Lower Providence Police (LPP) officer Robert Heim, a male and female couple from Levittown, were arrested on July 26, while stopped in their vehicle at the intersection of North Park Avenue and Clark Hill Drive in Eagleville.

The female was identified in the report as Linda Payne, 46, who was the passenger, and the male was identified as her boyfriend, Mark Dambach, 59, who was operating the vehicle.

According to the report, at approximately 9:25 p.m., LPP was dispatched to the Eagleville intersection, upon a tip from a witness.

The witness stated to police that he was sitting at the traffic light at Ridge Pike and North Park Avenue, when Payne and Dambach’s vehicle pulled up next to the witness in the left turn lane.

The witness told police that he observed the female passenger lean back in her seat and light a glass pipe that was held to her lips. According to the report, the witness stated that this was consistent with someone smoking crack, as the witness himself said he was in recovery for smoking crack cocaine.

The witness told police that he followed Payne and Dambach to the Eagleville intersection, where he then contacted and waited for police to arrive.

LPP then approached the vehicle, in which Heim immediately noticed a white plastic bag on the vehicle floor with empty Budweiser beer cans in it.

The report further states, when questioned if both vehicle occupants were drinking, they stated, “yes.” The officer observed bloodshot glassy eyes and slurred speech from both.

Heim then asked Payne to step out of the vehicle, according to the report. Upon Payne exiting the passenger side door, the officer observed a glass crack pipe on the floorboard, under the passenger seat.

After being questioned about it, Payne confirmed to the officer that the glass crack pipe was hers.

According to a related police report, prepared by LPP Det. William Hopkins, Payne was later transported to LPP station, where she was placed in custody for drug paraphernalia possession, and admitted to purchasing the crack cocaine at Main and Noble streets in Norristown Borough.

She also admitted to police that she rode in the vehicle with her boyfriend, consuming the entire purchased crack.

According to Hopkins’ report, prior to this, while at the scene, another responding police officer from Bridgeport Police found no additional crack cocaine on Payne’s person.

According to Heim’s report, Dambach was also asked to exit the vehicle. He submitted to a field sobriety test, in which he tested 15 percent during his preliminary breath test (PBT).

Both Payne and Dambach were later released and transported by LPP to a relative’s home in the township.

Dambach was charged with Driving Under the Influence, and Payne was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and other related charges.


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