Police: Pending DUI Charge for Underage Collegeville Man

Lower Providence Police report that the 20-year-old male, who reportedly failed field sobriety tests, was found asleep behind the wheel at a red light last night.

While stopped at a red light, a 20-year-old Collegeville man was found asleep or passed out in the driver’s seat, Lower Providence Police report.

Patch is withholding the man’s name, as a police charge of DUI is pending. According to a police report, Lower Providence Police Cpl. Michael Slattery was on routine patrol at approximately 1:30 a.m., when he stopped at a red light at the intersection of Germantown and Ridge pikes. In front of his vehicle was a black Chevorlet Tahoe.

The report states that Slattery waited approximately 10-15 seconds before honking his vehicle’s horn, when the light had turned green.

Slattery noticed that the driver was leaning out the window. Upon exiting his patrol vehicle, Slattery approached the Tahoe and noticed that the driver was either asleep or passed out. The report notes that a 20-year-old Schwenksville man, who was also found asleep, occupied the passenger side.

The vehicle was said to be running, but was in park. A bottle of Calico Jack rum was found on the floor of the vehicle, with about a quarter of its contents left in the bottle.

After being awoken by Slattery, the 20-year-old male identified himself as a Collegeville resident, but could not produce his driver’s license.

The Collegeville resident failed several field sobriety tests, and blew a .15-percent on his Preliminary Breath Test.

A second Lower Providence Police officer arrived at the scene to monitor the passenger while the driver submitted to the field sobriety tests.

The police report notes that the passenger attempted to hide the bottle of rum underneath the center console. However, police seized the bottle.

The passenger appeared to be visibly intoxicated, and was advised that the vehicle would be towed and that he should get a ride home.

The Collegeville resident was taken to Phoenixville Hospital at approximately 2:14 a.m., where a blood sample was taken.

Upon returning to the Lower Providence Police station, the Collegeville resident was released to his parents by 3:18 a.m.

DUI charges are pending the driver, while a non-traffic citation has been mailed to the passenger.


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