Police: Theft from Auto Along Schuylkill River Trail

The theft was reported at the Pawlings Road and Route 422 trail head.

Lower Providence Police reported that a parked vehicle at the Pawlings Road and Route 422 parking lot of the Schuylkill River trailhead had been broken into on Sept. 4.

Police were dispatched at 7:39 a.m., when a victim from Phoenixville reported that the window of her vehicle had been smashed out with a rock. The victim told police that she had gone for her usual walk along the trail’s bike path at approximately 6:20 a.m.

Upon her return, she discovered her black leather purse missing from her passenger seat. A large rock was laying on her driver’s front seat, which was used to break the passenger side window.

According to the victim, her purse contained her ID card, post office box key, E-Z Pass, Android charger and an Android tablet, all of which totaled to an estimated $150.


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