Lower Providence Board of Supervisors Holds Reorganization Meeting

The board voted on various positions within township government.

The Lower Providence Board of Supervisors held its 2013 reorganization meeting Jan. 7, in the township building.

After electing a temporary chair and secretary of the board, the supervisors proceeded to elect and appoint various positions on Lower Providence Township boards, commissions, committees and consulting positions. Board supervisor Jill Zimmerman was absent for the meeting.

During the proceedings, board supervisor Richard Brown was re-elected as the board's chairman.

"I appreciate the board's vote of confidence, and look forward to another good year," Brown said.


The following are the results of the 2013 board of supervisors reorganization meeting:

Lower Providence Board of Supervisors Chairman 

  • Richard Brown

Lower Providence Board of Supervisors Chairman

  • Don Thomas

Appointment of Township Solicitor

  • Michael Sheridan of Fox, Differ, Callahan, Sheridan & McDevitt

Secretary to the Board

  • Richard Gestrich

Assistant Secretary to the Board

  • Geri Golas

Appointment of Treasurer to Board of Supervisors

  • Geri Golas

Appointment of Assistant Treasurer 

  • Richard Gestrich

Appointment of Consulting Engineer 

  • LTL Consultants

Appointment to Vacancy Board - (one-year term)

  • Marie Dotts

According to board chair Richard Brown, "The vacancy board is made up of one elector in the township, their only job is to break a tie vote in case the board is deadlocked in a 2-2 vote when replacing a township supervisor who dies in office or resigns."

Appointment to Library Board of Directors (three-year term)

  • Cathy Fennell 
  • Eugene McCarthy 

Appointment to Sewer Authority (five-year term) 

  • Fred Walker

Appointment to Planning Commission (four-year term)

  • David Atkins
  • William Brooke
  • Kristina O’Donnell 

Appointment to Zoning Hearing Board (five-year term)

  • Robert Hardt
  • Kathie Eskie (alternate - term not yet expired)

Appointment to Parks and Recreation (five-year term)

  • William Wurtz

Appointment To Lower Providence Township Municipal Authority (five-year term)

  • James Donahue

During the meeting, supervisor Colleen Eckman asked for clarification as to the status of the authority, pointing out that the board had previously voted to disband it. Speaking to Patch after the meeting, Brown explained that the authority managed the former General Washington Country Club (now The Club at Shannondell), but has since turned over all its assets to the township and has no responsibility at this time. The authority also does not hold regular business meetings. According to township solicitor Michael Sheridan, during the reorganization meeting, the authority will remain an entity until it is voted to be dissolved.

Appointment to Finance Committee (four-year term)

  • Greg Pellicano

Appointment of Traffic Engineer

  • McMahon and Associates 

Appointment of Environmental Consultant

  • Pennoni Associates

Appointment of Landscape Consultant   

  • Thomas Comitta Associates

Appointment of Lighting Consultant

  • Suburban Lighting

Appointment of Labor Attorney 

  • Scott Blissman

Appointment of Minutes Secretary  

  • Jeanie Bortulin

Appointment of Actuary

  • Municipal Finance Partners

Appointment of Municpal Pension Manager

  • Morgan Stanley


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