Lower Providence Public Works Employee Honored for 25 Years of Service

Lower Providence Township Public Works Foreman Rodney Hagenbuch was recognized before the board of supervisors.

Rodney Hagenbuch, Lower Providence Public Works foreman, was honored before the board of supervisors for of his 25 years of service to the township.

Dave Shaffer, director of the Lower Providence Public Works Department, presented Hagenbuch with the recognition.

According to Shaffer, Hagenbuch came to the department on Nov. 30, 1987.

“He brought good talents,” Shaffer said, citing his carpentry and equipment operation skills.

Shaffer said that that Hagenbuch received many more skills after coming to the township, particularly his concrete work. Hagenbuch worked continued to gain more responsibility within the department. He starting with highway maintenance and became a foreman around 1999, as such, he’s trained many of the highway maintenance workers the township employs today. .

“He loved doing public works tasks,” Shaffer said. “He takes great pride in all the work that he’s done.”

Shaffer said that he is proud to have him as a foreman in the township’s public works department.

“After 25 years, he’s not only one of my employees, but I consider him a good friend,” Shaffer said. “I can not say enough positive things about Rodney.”

Upon Hagenbuch’s opportunity to speak, he expressed humble remarks.

“It’s really been truly my pleasure to serve,” Hagenbuch, said.  

In recognition of his service, Hagenbuch received a statue from the township, as well as a watch with the Township log imprinted on its face.


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