MontCo Cuts 10 Jobs, Suspends Voter ID Program

Moves intended to 'increase efficiency' expected to save county up to $500K annually; Voter ID issuance program distributed just 68 identification cards

Montgomery County on Thursday eliminated ten positions in its Assets and Infrastructure department, which . The ten positions are in the Public Property and Roads and Bridges divisions and comprise about $560,000 in annual salary.

Montgomery County Board of Commissioners chairman Josh Shapiro said the job cuts in Roads and Bridges are part of a move to consolidate the management of the more than 150 bridges and 90 miles of roads owned by the county. The cuts in Public Property are the result of efforts to "crosstrain" that division's employees and "increase efficiency." The moves are expected to save the county between $300,000 and $500,000 annually, Shapiro said, "depending how further reforms shake out."

"We know that each position represents an individual who is losing his or her job," Shapiro said. "Each one of these actions tears at me personally and causes me to lose sleep ... we understand the consequences, and we do not make these moves lightly or in a cavalier manner."

Among those who lost their jobs is Assets and Infrastructure deputy director Donald Colosimo, who took a $4,000 pay cut when Roads and Bridges moved into the new department. Colosimo, who earned $72,000 per year, had been with the county for 17 years.

Commissioner Bruce Castor said the moves were part of the administration's efforts to deal with the "excesses of the previous administration."

"The financial needs of the county are so great that the medicine necessary to correct them is going to be difficult to swallow in the short term. This is something that I believe is necessary for the execution of good government," Castor said.

Voter ID program to be suspended

The county also announced the suspension of its Voter ID issuance program, which it launched under the auspices of its Parkhouse nursing facility earlier this month. The day after the program was announced, a Commonwealth court judge issued an injunction against the portions of the state's controversial Voter ID law that would have required voters to display identification before casting ballots on Nov. 6.

"All indications are that no appeal will be taken prior to the election," said county solicitor Ray McGarry. "In fact, the Commonwealth has spent considerable sums of money updating their advertising campaign to let people know that no Voter ID card will be necessary on Election Day this year."

Only 68 county ID cards were issued through the program, McGarry said.

Frankie DeCat October 19, 2012 at 04:18 PM
Americans are losing jobs everyday. Because these are county emloyees whos salaries are payed by already over taxed county residents we should some how feel bad ? I dont like when any American looses a job. We need to see to it that career politicians like that two faced lying pig Allyson Schwartz looses her job.
Elsa Stutman October 19, 2012 at 10:18 PM
Frankie DeCat-afraid to use your real name because you are exactly what you called Allyson Schwartz.
Anti-statist October 20, 2012 at 02:47 PM
Allison Schwartz, and her ilk, have been feasting at the public trough too long. The country continues to sink while they think up new rules and taxes to fund their bright ideas that we have to live with. While at the same time enriching themselves. Is time to return America back to the common man. Less government =less corruption. Ps. I should not leave my name either. Don't forget the tyranny of the state.
waldo von erich October 30, 2012 at 11:33 AM
i dont understand why this was put on hold ? when i go to wells fargo bank i need 2 forms of i d and they thumb print me . how do people id them selfs for social security checks , welfare and other hand outs ? every thing i do usually requires an photo id so whats the big deal?


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