Wawa Proposed for Former Gateway Diner Site

The West Norriton Planning Commission was scheduled to review the site plans at a Monday night meeting that was cancelled due to scheduling issues.

According to the The Times Herald, a partnership by two well-known developers has been in talks with West Norriton for some time to build a Wawa with full-service gas station and an adjacent Citadel Bank branch on the site of the former Gateway Diner site and the former gas station adjacent to it.

According to West Norriton Township Manager Jason Bobst, Pinewood Trooper Associates LP, a partnership formed by developers Joseph Botta and Bruce Goodman, was scheduled to meet with the planning commission on Monday night to review site plans, but scheduling problems forced the commissioners to cancel the meeting. The developers will meet with township officials on Wednesday to discuss the plans and will most likely be reviewed by the planning commission at their January meeting, if not before then.

According to the Herald, the planned 5,500-square-foot Wawa would have 16 pumps on four covered islands on the former Gateway Diner site, while the  3,800-square-foot Citadel Bank would occupy the corner of West Main Street and Trooper Road where the former gas station sits.

"This has been talked about for two years," Bobst told the Herald. "Originally they were looking at the Norristown Ford site in Lower Providence. We welcome them with open arms. We are trying to encourage the development of that corner into a gateway into West Norriton."

Read more details about the proposed development here.

Feodor Tiorlenko December 19, 2012 at 09:37 AM
Paul Piantone and the West Norriton Township supervisors need to dig in their heels and oppose the WaWa, the fish store and the produce store, the same way they have opposed every other business opportunity. We don't want anything that increases traffic and spoil the quality of life.....like jobs.
Mohandus Frieri December 19, 2012 at 01:29 PM
Let's examine the vibrant West Norriton business district on Ridge Pike from Schuylkill Ave to Trooper Rd. That's do to the policies of the West Norriton supervisors. If you want good produce at cheap prices go to Jim and Ralph's a couple miles up the Ridge. If you want good seafood, go to Wegmans. If you want to go to the YMCA go to Royersford. If you want to go swimming, go to Shannondell. West Norriton.....the place to go somewhere else. How are your real estate taxes??
Aylene Leas December 19, 2012 at 03:13 PM
I'm not apposed, but why so close to the Audubon Gas Wawa right down the block? Does Wawa not realize they will hurt individual stores by having locations so close together. Get rid of nasty dirty 7 eleven and put a Wawa there. It's still West Norriton. Do something cause the whole area is starting to look and function just like Philadelphia! Good Luck, glad I moved away finally!
Intheweeds December 19, 2012 at 04:19 PM
The corner of Trooper Rd and Ridge is a nightmare from 4-6pm every day. This type of facility at that corner will only increase the issues with that intersection.
TrooperMom February 22, 2013 at 04:04 AM
They'll close that small wawa of course - that was always the plan. They were also looking at the form luk oil corner but the previous owners put legal roadblocks up enough to deter wawa. Next to go will be that corner. I will LOVE living across from a super wawa :) literally it will be across the street from me. you think the traffic on oakdale is bad now??


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