Methacton Superintendent Dr. Timothy Quinn Resigns

Both Quinn and Dr. Diane Barrie, the district’s Director of Curriculum, have resigned amid allegations the two were engaged in a relationship in violation of the Pennsylvania Public School Code.

Methacton School District Superintendent Dr. Timothy J. Quinn has resigned from his position, effective immediately. The announcement was made at Tuesday night's school board meeting.

Quinn, who was hired as the Methacton superintendent in 2008, was at the center of a scandal in recent months for an alleged relationship he was having with Dr. Diane Barrie, the district’s director of curriculum. Barrie also resigned, effective June 13, according to The Times Herald.

The district issued the following statement regarding Quinn's resignation:

The Methacton School District has accepted the resignation of Dr. Timothy Quinn, Superintendent of the School District, effective Tuesday, March 26th, for personal reasons. The resignation follows the District’s investigation of certain allegations made under the terms of the Pennsylvania Public School Code. Dr. Quinn tendered his resignation before any hearing was held, so there have been no findings of fact or conclusions of law regarding the allegations. There will be no further comment on this matter by either the District or Dr. Quinn.

The district did not comment on Barrie's resignation.

The Methacton School Board appointed a special outside legal counsel to conduct an investigation of the claims of inappropriate behavior in October of last year, but the two apparently resigned before the investigation could be completed.

A November 2007 story in the Intelligencer Journal revealed that Quinn had resigned from his previous superintendent position at the Elizabethtown Area School District in western Lancaster County after just four-and-a-half months on the job. A week later, his assistant in that position, Wendy Reisinger, was reassigned. Quinn and Reisinger later married, but Reisinger reportedly filed for divorce in October.

The board approved a limited separation agreement with Quinn and Barrie.

"The only compensation that is involved is that which they have earned," Special Counsel Frank Bartle said, according to the Herald. "There would be compensation with respect to whatever days they’ve worked thus far, whatever vacation time they’ve earned thus far, and whatever sick days they’ve earned thus far. That’s all."

In the meantime, the board will work to find a temporary replacement for Quinn.

"The Board of School Directors is in the process of identifying an interim Superintendent who will serve while a formal search for a Superintendent is conducted," wrote Methacton's Coordinator of Communications and Community Services Angela M. Linch, in an email to Patch.

Patch will update this story as more information becomes available.


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Sue March 28, 2013 at 12:46 PM
I agree with Joe The Nerd Ferraro! He is a cheater, a loser and a liar! Obviously he has no respect for anyone but himself. His misconduct cost the taxpayers money. He should have resigned long ago, you know, when he had these overwhelming feelings for this 'lady'. These two need to pay back all the expenses that this has incurred! Good bye and don't let the door hit you in your cheating butt!
JOHN ANDREWS March 28, 2013 at 04:59 PM
John of Prov. Crossing says hopefully we can now have an improved search and vetting process to get a Super that works for students and taxpayers in a moral way!
Observer March 28, 2013 at 07:04 PM
Let those who are without sin cast the first stone.
Candy Allebach March 30, 2013 at 01:34 AM
For those who seem to think this is "no big deal", the beginning of the article states that they were in violation of the Pa. School Code. There is a reason this code was put in place, for people who behave like Quinn and Barrie. And is this an example that you want to set for your students, that it's okay to be a sneak, cheat and liar? They were being held accountable for their actions, something that is in short supply these days!
Sue April 01, 2013 at 12:01 PM
You are absolutely right Candy! What are they doing in any kind of power over our kids? They are a perfect example of what NOT to teach to our kids! I find it funny how they resigned before the investigation was made public! I would love to see that report. Oh, wait, didn't we pay for that investigation? Shouldn't it be made public?


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