Methacton Wolverines Become Warriors

As of Aug. 1, the Pop Warner League Methacton Wolverines will be known as the Methacton Warriors.

The Pop Warner League Methacton Wolverines will undergo some significant changes for the 2012 football and cheer season.

“We have an exciting announcement to make that affects every single player, cheerleader and family within our league,” Dana Leahan, Methacton Wolverine treasurer, said in an e-mail announcement to league members last night.

According to Leahan, the Wolverines will change its name to the “Methacton Warriors,” and switch its black and Vegas Gold colors to green, black and white.

Leahan explained that both the name and uniform color changes are now in line with the Methacton School District colors, name and logo, as all school district teams are known as the “Methacton Warriors.”

“We will look like them and share, compare and teach complimentary coaching strategies and philosophies,” Leahan said.

Furthermore, the league’s mascot will also change from the Wolverine logo to the “Warrior Native American portrait symbol,” as can be seen at the Methacton High School Entrance sign.

These changes, according to Leahan, are a result of the Methacton Warriors’ Pop Warner League becoming an official feeder program for the school districts intermediate and high schools.

She adds that the Methacton Warriors will benefit from teaching and comparing coaching strategies and philosophies in line with the school district.

“It was in the best interest of our players and cheerleaders to align ourselves with our local community and district,” Leahan said in the announcement. “Instead of being a league viewed as a ‘community club’ … we are now viewed as a ‘club league partnering with the area school district.’”

Leahan also points out that the Methacton Warriors are not affiliated with the Lower Providence Warriors, as the latter league is a Keystone League, while the Methacton Warriors will remain in the nationally recognized Pop Warner organization.

According to Leahan, the Pop Warner organization holds participants to high standards of academic excellence, national safety regulations and minimum playtime requirements.

 “We look forward to a fantastic 2012 season as the first official teams of the Methacton Warriors! Go Green, Black [and] White!” Leahan said in the final paragraph of the announcement. “Go Warriors!”

For more information, visit the Methacton Warriors website.


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